Why was EhLib chosen in more

than 80 countries around the world?

EhLib is powerful and therewith intuitive to use!

Using the library, you will receive:

  • Maximum of enclosed functional during the work with tabular data.
  • Time saving for developer – display your data in the right format without writing software code.
  • Fast and intuitive exploration of the library.
  • Great number of examples, instructions and help-files.
  • High speed of applications – development involves a special optimization stage of speed for each component of library.
  • Easy debug final product. EhLib is 100% native VCL library written in Delphi language.
  • As a result the user will receive an understandable, beautiful and easy-to-use interface with impressive features of information processing.

Platform support: VCL, LCL, WinForms

Supported OSes: Win32/Win64 compatible (Delphi, Lazarus), Linux (Lazarus)

Supported additional OSes: "OS X", "Linux" when using an additional library - CrossVCL


Support IDEs: RAD Studio 2009, Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010, XE1 - XE11, Lazarus (Win32/Linux), MS Visual Studio.