EhLib.WinForms Buy

Лицензионное соглашениеHow to buy?

You should choose the EhLib license you need.

Payment can be made by means of Share-it (international software distribution). Share-it supports all types of credit cards, PayPal, Check-prepayment, WebMoney.


Personal license  (for individuals or legal persons for 1 developer)

EhLib.WinForms Standard
1 year license without source codes


EhLib.WinForms Professional
1 year license source code included


Renew annual updates EhLib.WinForms Standard


Renew annual updates EhLib.WinForms Professional


EhLib.WinForms update from 'Standard' to 'Professional'


Site license  (company license for an unlimited number of developers)

EhLib.WinForms Professional Site license


Renew annual updates EhLib.WinForms Professional Site license


What do you get with license?

If you buy original EhLib license, absolutely free you will get all the updates and support for the library in the course of year.

Depending on acquired library bundling you get various possibilities:

  • With source codes: You obtain maximum possibilities for changing of functional of library according to your tasks.
  • Without source codes: the library will contain only executive binary.

New versions include access to all previous versions of the same license type –this service is given on demand.

When will I get the product?

Electronic document delivery is carried out during 1-2 days (maximum) after payment confirmation. If you use online-payment, then term of electronic delivery is 10-15 minutes.

Why should I extend the license?

Extending the license, absolutely free you obtain all updates and library support in the course of year.

License renewal EhLib available to users of any version of the library.

Extension of EhLib license is available for all users – artificial persons who purchased 6 and more EhLib license.